Unionhurst Gallery Reopens

The Unionhurst Gallery, a depository of the works of Atlanta Constance Sampson has reopened on Sundays from 1-4 PM.  The gallery is located at 4689 Hickory Ave. in Toeterville, Iowa.  You may also visit anytime by appointment by calling 507-438-9906.

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  1. Bill Turnmire says:

    Hi – Talked briefly with you on the phone about trying to see if we could find the print that was of an older country style white church with a black cross on top (if I’m remembering correctly)…….saw a print of that when I was back in Osage a week or two ago at the Champion funeral home (along with some of her other works) and thought maybe I could purchase (matted and framed, possibly) and donate something like that to the Faith Lutheran Home in Osage if they accept gifts like that (I’ll have to check and see). Anyway, that was the reason for the email, trying to find the church print if available. Thanks.

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